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  • Quick, seamless integration into existing applications thanks to the miniature housing saves time and money
  • Sensing distance from 12.5 mm up to 15 mm in new extended variants
  • Scanning of multiple points for accurate and uniform detection across the entire object using a static as well as a new dynamic teach-in method
  • Intelligent diagnostics, visualization, quick job format change and remote configuration – all thanks to the integrated IO-Link functions
  • Better detection, higher sensing distance tolerances and uniform RGB detection thanks to the new, improved optics system
  • A better user experience and greater ease of use thanks to the intuitive teach-in method
  • Short installation time thanks to quick and easy commissioning
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The new CSM color sensor in the miniature housing offers accurate color detection and is IO-Link-capable. It is perfectly suited for applications in which color features need to be reliably detected while taking up as little installation space as possible. The sensor detects and monitors objects based on object color. The small CSM color sensor can be easily configured using simple static or dynamic teach-in methods. This can be done on site via the teach-in button or remotely via IO-Link, which offers intelligent diagnostic and visualization options as well as simple configuration. With a sensing distance of 12.5 mm up to 15 mm in the extended variant, the CSM can be used in many applications without any problems.


At a glance
  • Color sensor in a miniature housing that saves valuable installation space
  • Static and dynamic teach-in methods using intuitive teach-in button
  • Remote teach-in by means of IO-Link provides visualization, configuration and diagnostic options
  • Sensing distance of 12.5 mm or 15 mm for easy adaptation to different application requirements
  • New optics system with larger sensing distance, higher tolerance, sturdier design and uniform RGB detection


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