KTX Prime

Your Benefits

  • 1:1 replacement for existing KT series – assembly compatibility
  • TwinEye-Technology for better performance on glossy or jittering materials – less machine downtime and more process stability
  • Multi-functional sensor adjustment for individual sensor adjustment
  • Excellent contrast resolution and a large dynamic range for good performance on complex materials
  • High flexibility thanks to a range of teach-in processes
  • Integrated color mode – stable detection even with complex color differences
  • Job storage in sensor – flexible process design and format change
  • Diagnostics and visualization as well as easy format change via IO-Link
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Outstanding performance for a variety of applications, even with difficult framework conditions: The new KTX Prime with familiar hole pattern, high-precision RGB LED and VISTAL® housing impresses with TwinEye-Technology, color mode, high switching frequency, excellent gray line resolution, 7-segment display and IO-Link. The response time of 10 µs and a jitter of 5 µs ensure accurate detection of contrast differences, even at high machine speeds. Thanks to various teach-in processes, integrated color mode and variable sensor adjustment, commissioning is more flexible and the processes more stable. The KTX Prime provides additional diagnosis and analysis data via IO-Link. The new KTX Prime – it can easily do more.


At a glance
  • TwinEye-Technology for increased depth of field and sensing distance tolerance
  • 50 kHz switching frequency and 5 μs jitter
  • Large dynamic range means reliable detection of contrasts on glossy materials
  • 7-segment display
  • Color mode
  • Assembly feedback
  • IO-Link and automation functions
  • Flexible sensor setting thanks to various sensor parameters


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