Mobile active/reactive power meter CS PM 600

Included in the shipment of CS PM 600:

  • Mobile current/effective power meter with 3 external current transformers for big machines and plants
  • External current transformers for clamping around the phases (100 A or 600 A)
  • External magnetic measuring tip for measuring the voltage
  • Incl. connection cable for mobile current/effective power meter for mobile instruments, 5 m
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Mobile active/reactive power meter CS PM 600

available up to 100 A or 600 A. Measures voltage, current and calculates:

  • Active power [kW]
  • Apparent power [kVA]
  • Reactive power [kVar]
  • Active energy [kWh]
  • cos phi

All measured data are transferred digitally (Modbus) to DS 500 mobile/ DS 400 mobile and can be recorded there.

Special features of CS PM 600

  • Magnetic voltage measuring tips for measuring the voltage during operation
  • Hinged current transformers encompass the conductors of the phases L1, L2, L3. This can also be done during operation


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