Pro set testo 324 – Pressure and leakage measuring instrument

  • All the important measurements in one instrument: tightness test, load test and serviceability test
  • Printer for documentation on site
  • Additional gas leak detector included in the scope of delivery
  • Automatic determination of pipe volume in gas pipes


Everything the professional needs for testing gas pipes: in addition to the testo 324 leakage measuring instrument, including system case with feeding unit and other accessories, you get an infrared printer for measurement data documentation on site, along with the testo 316-2 gas leak detector.



Product Description

The testo 324 professional set is worthy of its name. Because there is no more professional way to carry out statutory tests on gas pipes. Thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories, you are equipped for every measuring task involved in testing gas pipes.

Gas pipe tests – the applications
  • Load testing and tightness testing on gas pipes according to TRGI 2018
  • Establishing the serviceability of gas pipes according to TRGI 2018
  • Strength (pressure test), tightness and recurring tests on liquid gas pipes according to TRF 2012
  • Waste water pipe testing according to DIN EN 1610
  • Differential pressure measurement
testo 324 professional set with leakage measuring instrument – the advantages
  • Simple: The single-hose connection makes it extremely easy to operate, while the high-resolution colour graphic display also makes it convenient to work with
  • Efficient: Measuring location and customer management: the measurement data can be stored and documented quickly and easily in previously created customer folders, along with assignment to the measuring location (memory for up to 500,000 readings)
  • Precise: Maximum precision is offered by the built-in sensors – a flow sensor, an absolute pressure sensor and two differential pressure sensors are all integrated into the testo 324 leakage measuring instrument. Optionally, up to two temperature probes or high-pressure probes of up to 25 bar can be connected to the measuring instrument
  • Efficient: The pressure pump which is integrated into the testo 324 leakage measuring instrument enables automatic pressure build-up up to 300 mbar and filling of the feeding unit. You also have the option of generating higher pressures with the manual test pump
  • Safe: Automatic serviceability test: the system case with feeding unit feeds in the gas using the gas bladder. Since the gas bladder is filled with the system’s own gas, there is no possibility of a hazardous gas-air mixture developing during the serviceability test
  • Intelligent: Integrated instrument diagnosis: error diagnosis, instrument information, tightness self-test
  • Economic: Energy management: automatic instrument shutdown (Auto-Off) and switch-off of the display illumination can be set in battery operation
  • Practical: The infrared printer enables measurement data to be printed out on site in accordance with statutory directives
  • Versatile: The testo 316-2 gas detector enables reliable detection of gas leaks
  • Durable: 2-year warranty

We recommend our optional PC software EasyHeat for the convenient presentation of measurement processes and to manage your customer data.

Delivery Scope

– DVGW-tested testo 324 pressure and leakage measuring instrument, including rechargeable battery and calibration protocol
– Mains unit for testo 324
– System case including feeding unit, connection hose and connection block (instrument, pump and hose connection including overpressure valve and stopcock)
– Manual test pump for generating the test pressure
– Adapter for gas boiler measurement connection
– Conical test stops ½” + ¾”
– High-pressure stage stops ⅜ + ¾”, ½ + 1 “, ¾ + 1 ¼ ”
– testo 316-2 gas leak detector
– Basic infrared printer (including batteries)
– Spare printer paper

Technical Data

Temperature – NTC
Measuring range -20 to +100 °C
Temperature – TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Measuring range -40 to +600 °C
Accuracy ±0.5 °C or ±0.5 %
Absolute Pressure
Measuring range 600 to 1150 hPa
Accuracy ±3 hPa
Overload to 1200 hPa
Leakage measurement
Measuring range 0 to 10 l/h
Accuracy ±0.2 hPa or ±5 % of mv
Pressure measurement
Measuring range 0 to 1000 hPa
Accuracy ±0.5 hPa or ±3 % of mv
General technical data
Operating temperature +5 to +40 °C
Protection class IP40 acc. to EN 60529
Additional probe sockets 2 Hirschmann sockets for connecting pressure and temperature probes
Gas connections 2 pressure connections DN 5
DVGW permit according to 5925 Instrument class L up to volume = 200 litres
Storage temperature -20 to +50 °C
Weight 8500 g
Pipe volume calculation
Measuring range max. 1200 l
Accuracy ±0.2 or ±5 (1 to 200 l)


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