The RZT1 magnetic cylinder sensor is used for determining the positions of pistons in pneumatic cylinders. The RZT1 s a rugged IP 67-rated reed sensor that is resistant to liquids. RZT1 sensors, which can be mounted directly into the T-slot from above, are a reliable and economical sensor solution for pneumatic cylinders.

At a glance
  • Compact housing design
  • Complete range with Reed 3-wire, Reed 2-wire, and Reed 230 V version
  • LED function indicator
  • For all commonly used cylinders with T-slots, e.g., Festo or SMC and it can be applied to multiple cylinders types such as round, tie-rod, integrated profile or dove-tail cylinders with mounting brackets

Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Output function NO / NC
    Cylinder types with adapter Profile cylinder

    Tie rod cylinder

    Round body cylinder

    Dovetail groove cylinder

    SMC rail CDQ2

    SMC rail ECDQ2

    Housing length 30.5 mm
    Supply voltage 10 V AC/DC … 230 V AC/DC


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