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  • Simple upgrade of the motor to a digital interface without adjusting the motor design
  • Retrofit solutions in the field are possible if the surroundings of the drive change (new servo drive only with digital protocols)
  • The compact design enables simple integration into the motor assembly area.
  • Thanks to the external temperature input, additional temperature values can be transmitted via the HIPERFACE-DSL® protocol – additional cabling is not required
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Digital interfaces are currently a huge trend. SICK, one of the pioneers in this market, is providing an opportunity for transforming existing motor feedback systems with HIPERFACE® into the digital world with the sCon® interface converter. The sCon® converts HIPERFACE® signals into HIPERFACE-DSL® signals and can be combined with SES/SEM70, SES/SEM90 and STS motor feedback systems from SICK. The interface converter scores points with its compact design, which facilitates integration into the motor assembly area. It also has an external temperature input for measuring the winding temperature.


At a glance
  • Interface at output: HIPERFACE DSL®
  • Voltage supply: 7 VDC … 12 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: −30 °C … +115 °C
  • Enclosure rating: IP00
  • Input connector: Male connector, 8-pin
  • Output connector: Male connector, 4-pin
  • Additional input for external temperature connector


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