VISCO™ Temp Controller Complete UL set VISCO

A lightweight and compact constant temperature device that does not require water circulation. This product can be used with VISCO / VISCO-895. It can be used widely from low viscosity to high viscosity. This product does not include the viscometer body, so it must be purchased separately.

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Model Temp Controller Complete UL set VISCO
Cat.No. 6903
Temperature setting range Temperature range 5℃~90℃
(Upper limit Ambient temperature+50℃、Lower limit Ambient temperature-10℃)
Power Supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions & Weight Main unit:130(W)×130(D)×162(H)mm Approx.2.6kg
Operation part:130(W)×130(D)×82(H)mm Approx.1.2kg


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