pH × SALT × Brix × Temp.

All important criteria for quality control that supports
Monozukuri (making of things) can be measured with a single device.
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The three engines: prism, titanium electrode, and pH glass electrode are created in palm-sized reality. A remarkable measuring device with wireless communication for data transfer and storage. You can take it out of the lab to various places with you anywhere in the world. For measuring devices, precision and functionality are important; who and where is limited, and it does not exceed beyond meeting expectation as a measuring tool. This product, piccolo was developed to provide a sense of joy in measuring for those that handle measuring devices behind the scene.

It has elongated prism to minimize size, one of a kind flat pH electrode for easy cleaning, and semipermanent titanium electrodes. This “new device” takes away the traditional concept of measuring devices, and breaks away from the world of white coats and labs for the ultimate simplicity achieved by trimming excess to only necessities. What overturns the image of measuring devices, and creates new quality in harmony with other products is, piccolo.


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